Physician Career Agents

Kristine Mighion, MD, MBA, President

Physician Career Agent. Kristine Mighion, MD, MBA, President. Physician Representation.

Dr. Mighion has been at the helm of our management team since we started. She works with physicians helping them articulate and realize their dream jobs.  She sees the big picture in each unique job search.  

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Michael Janniere, JD, Legal Agent

Physician Career Agent. Michael Janniere, JD, Legal Agent. Physician Representation.

Michael has over two decades of legal experience. He maintains a stellar track record of negotiating strong contracts for clients. Michael brings a keen sense of strategy to optimizing the terms of your contract.

Brigitte Timmerman, Career Agent

Physician Career Agent. Brigitte Timmerman, Career Agent. Physician Representation.

Brigitte has over twenty years experience in the marketing arena and uses her skills and background to best market you to potential employers and target the right fit for your search.