Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Physician Career Agent?

A Physician Career Agent is a dedicated, experienced team member that works for YOU, the physician, in landing the career or job of your dreams. A Physician Career Agent works with you to assess your goals and helps you in every step of the job search to make sure you are placed in a job on YOUR terms – Not anyone else’s. Check out our team page to see how one of our qualified agents could assist you today!

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What’s the catch?

There is ABSOLUTELY no catch. As Physician Career Agents, we work tirelessly to make sure that YOU get the best position according to your own goals – No one else’s. When we are done, there is no financial obligation on your part. We DO NOT take a commission from your salary NOR do we charge you a direct fee for our services.

Who pays for these services?

The hiring entity pays for our services in placing a qualified physician in their organization. However, Physician Career Agents is not influenced by these entities. They may pay the bill, but our main concern is finding YOU a position that matches YOUR preferences – We DO NOT offer you to the highest bidder.

How does Physician Career Agents add value to my Job Search? Why not just search on my own?

Our 6-step process helps guide YOU to the best position for YOU. Not only do we Evaluate, Market, & Search for YOU, the second half of our services help Prepare YOU for interviews, Negotiate a fair contract, and Advise YOU on the Final Decision. Check out our services page for more information on how Physician Career Agents could add value to your career search today!

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Can Physician Career Agents help with Student Loans repayment?

Yes. As a part of your contract negotiation, we could help structure a debt forgiveness or repayment assistance as a part of your terms for accepting the position. Contact us to find out more.

I want to move. How can Physician Career Agents help?

If you are a physician looking to relocate, Physician Career Agents understands that this is a very important and complicated process in transitioning your career. We provide services for physicians to relocate as seamlessly as possible and leverage your skill set to negotiate the best terms possible from your new organization. 

Can Physician Career Agents help international students with J-1 visa requirements?

If you are a resident with a J-1 visa, in some cases, Physician Career Agents could help you meet the eligibility requirements for a J-1 visa waiver for the 2-year home residence requirement. In order be eligible for a waiver, Physician Career Agents could assist you in relocating to an under-served area, where an Interested Government Agency (IGA) could sponsor your J-1 waiver. For more information on the J-1 visa and the waiver, please visit the AMA’s website or the Department of State’s site. For a consultation please contact us.

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